People just want to be heard. That’s why 90% of seduction is listening.
— novel
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More than a consultant

Certain things have always pulled Kat in like gravity throughout her years working in the field of helping people discover how to do what they love.

She views each opportunity to work with someone new as the beginning of a long term relationship, transforming clutter and confusion into cohesive and compelling brand experiences. The end goal is never to ask how much longer will the work last, but how far she can take it. And for her clients, she will do whatever it takes until their vision is realized.

Think of her as your personal brandslinger in your back pocket, and she won’t stop until she’s captured and catapulted your authentic voice and story so you can share it with the world.


Choosing to work with someone to improve your brand is a huge step and so many factors come into play. From the very first conversation, she was easy to talk to and I felt that she really listened to what I had to say. Being heard is a very important factor in deciding to work with someone.

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The story so far

From working in corporate brokerage in the financial district of San Francisco, CA in 2011 to moving cross country to launch her first startup in South Florida in 2016, when there is a particular task or environment requiring gumption, Kat has navigated it — always with grace, and certainly never without her quad shot caps, hold the foam.

The volatility of startups hasn’t deterred her from taking on each challenge with enthusiasm. She enjoys delving into everything from taking part in the inception of a brand and defining its core values to constructing the launch plans that bring those very concepts to market.

She has worked both independently and part of close-knit teams across multiple industries, including health & wellness, hospitality, and commercial design and manufacturing.

While start ups comprise the majority of her experience, she enjoys the complementary challenges of collaborating with established brands and companies to revitalize their vision and craft innovative strategies that usher in a new era.

If she’s not traveling to capture vital content and experiences for her clients, you can find her on the beach with a book — always seeking to learn and improve so she can better serve the people she works with.


Kat is a force of nature. She knows how to look at a creative problem and determine the best way to solve it so that it saves you the agony of not knowing where to start. I highly recommend her to any business owner looking to gain clarity and streamline their brand and business.

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